Defibrillator Services NI does more than service your AED.
We will also train your staff and volunteers in the proper use of the device.

We will work with your program administrator to set up a time or times to work with your first responders as a group or individually as required.

Every person involved will be treated with courtesy and with patience. Every question and every likely situation will be answered and demonstrated completely so that in an emergency situation a life can be saved, using the knowledge gained through our Defibrillator training.

The Three Hour Defibrillator Training Course covers:
  • CPR
  • heart attack
  • angina
  • when to use a defibrillator
  • how defibrillation work
  • hazards to be aware of when using an AED
  • demonstration of a defibrillator using Resusci Annies

Even if a staff member or volunteer claims to already have attained a level of expertise in the proper use of an AED,  Defibrillator Services NI will run them through a refresher test. As we all know, knowledge attained months or years earlier can be suddenly forgotten at a critical moment. Our purpose is to avoid a critical situation becoming a crisis, both for the stricken individual as well as the staff member or volunteer.