Defibrillator Services NI first aid training

Whether an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is at your workplace, sports venue or health clinic it is vital to maintain a regular schedule of service checks on the device. Not doing so risks death in an emergency situation.

An AED is like any other electronic device. It has a limited life span. Just because it may not been used since purchase does not mean it is in perfect working order. Moisture, dirt, exposure to chlorine in swimming pool environments, all of these can invisibly deteriorate your AED.

Defibrillator Services NI will check your AED throughly, repairing or replacing any faulty mechanism. According to The Annals of Emergency Medicine, 23% of AED failures are caused by battery issues. Besides performing a check on your AED’s battery, Defibrillator Services NI will also test the device’s Electrode Pads, the point of contact between AED and the patient.

It just makes sense to contact Defibrillator Services NI now and schedule a service appointment. We are conveniently located in Lisburn and are able to schedule an on-site inspection at a time convenient to you. If we detect a problem with your AED we can provide you with a temporary replacement while we repair your current device.